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These "Conditions of Use" are part of our "Terms & Conditions, are specifically addressing the restrictions and condition to list a business, service, product or affiliate program with the Mobile Responsive Networker Business Directory and/ or any Finder Network website. As member with the NetworkerBitcoin opportunity you receive a fully paid entry, lifetime, in the "Networker" World Directory, therefore all conditions are multi-use applied, and some information only apply for the Directory listing website.. 

- All participants must be of legal age, based on their country, to participate with The Networker programs.

- Your site may not be accepted if it does not seem appropriate for our client audience.

- ALL CAPS is not allowed for title and description.

- Submit your site to the most appropriate category, We will accommodate and assist to add categories or place your listing in the correct category.

- Mark the Top level categories as well as any subcategory.

- Link farms, redirect, spam, doorways, or any black-hat listing are not allowed.

- Your site must NOT contain or point to illegal content,illegal activity, adult material and anything related to that.

- Images of nudity and other offensive nature will be deleted.

- Editors have right to modify or delete your listing anytime without notice, if the listing has been modified from the original entry.

- You are responsible for the listing, its contents and images, using any Directory in our Network.

- We have a zero refund policy, when your listing is accepted. All Listings in the Mobile Directories, are in Digital form of a SaaS (Software as a Service) and immediately available on the Internet to the General Public, to market and present your business. There are NO exceptions

ONLY if we reject a listing will you receive a 100% refund, unless any remuneration was paid to you via the NetworkerBitcoin opportunity, then there is NO refund available (no double dipping).

Your payment and use of our websites serves as acknowledgement that you have read and understood these Conditions of Use, as well as the standard Legal Terms as listed below. All below legal pages are open on the Networker Directory site, and part of the Networker Group. 

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